Saturday, April 27, 2013

Blog Revival

It's been almost a year since I last wrote something on this blog. A lot has happened since then. I changed jobs, met new friends, experienced new things.

I am into reading now. I mostly read adult contemporary books. Some were sent by my friend who is also addicted to reading and most I found/downloaded from the internet. I have always loved reading. I can read an entire book in less than 24 hours. It's something I wouldn't give up though sometimes it's the reason I couldn't do anything else..

My love of reading becomes handy in what I do for work now....

I am currently working as a QA Specialist at a networking company.  I very much loved what I do, specially now that there is another position attached to my job title. I am also the company's new Product Development Specialist. This is the real challenge. I have to launch a product before the end of my probationary period. So even though it's a Saturday, I need to do some research for the assignments that were given to me. It involves a lot of reading but I don't think I would have any problem with it since I very much love that. The problem is retaining all the information that I read in the little brain that I have. I guess I should suggest a brain enhancing food supplement specifically for my benefit.

Anyway, I think I should go back to my research. I just couldn't help myself. I missed blogging!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Getting sick lately

I've been in and out of sickness lately due to the ever changing weather in Manila. It's hot and sunny in the morning and cold and raining in the afternoon. Not to mention the air pollution I inhale going to and from work. Last week I had two absences already because of fever, sore throat and headache. Now, I still have a sore throat, colds and cough. I couldn't afford to file a sick leave because honestly, I think I have none left.

What measures should be taken to prevent getting sick all the time? Perhaps taking vitamins to strengthen the immune system and protection from viruses that cause these sickness? But I'd much prefer the natural kind, fruits rich in Vitamin C. I'm a fan of sour fruits, I prefer them over the sweet kind.

I don't normally take meds when I have colds, I just take plenty of fluids and plenty of rest. A good 8 hours long sleep should do the trick. But I haven't had any chance of doing this because I am on a deadline with our perfume business. Hopefully this weekend, but I wouldn't raise my hopes up. Still have a lot of things to do at home, including reviewing for the Civil Service Exam.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Crowning Glory

They say hair is a woman's crowning glory. Well its true. Have you ever noticed that your appearance changes after you went to a salon? After that expensive haircut and hair treatment? You gain confidence and feel extra beautiful. Well, I certainly do. But only for a while. After the first bath, my hair would go back to its original form. Wavy and curly. This state makes it so difficult for me to style my hair. I would always tie it to a ponytail but even that don't work anymore. It made me envious at people who has that long, silky, straight hair. So when I started working, I always had my hair straightened. It was amazing at first but then my hair became weak and brittle. The color also changed from black to brown. Probably from all those chemicals. Then rebonding became the "IN" thing, so I tried it. It was a disaster! After spending 6 hours in the salon and not wetting my hair for 3 days, the result was disappointing. My hair became very dry and damaged. I vowed never to have my hair rebonded again.

Currently, my hair is back on its curly, wavy state. There are days when I love it, but mostly I don't. I have to condition it every now and then to make it manageable. I'm thinking of having it straightened again. :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free Birthday Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Today is my sister's birthday and I wanted to create a special birthday digiscrap LO just for her. I searched through the net to find a free kit that I can use. Most of the kits I found already have an expired link or already for purchase. But I didn't lose hope. I searched and searched until I found Designs by Megan Turnidge. Her blog is so cute and not to mention full of great freebies. Of course, I found what I have been looking for at her site.

You can download this kit on her website under freebies. You can also add her on facebook so you'll be updated on freebies her blog has to offer.

This is what I did with this layout.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Free Ride

With the constant increase in fuel price and commodities, who wouldn't take advantage of a free ride. A very generous TV station is giving a free bus ride to commuters. I think this is applicable only in the morning, Mondays to Fridays. The bus arrives around 6:00 - 6:15 AM.

I was very lucky this morning, I got to ride the bus for free. A woman who was getting off offered me her seat (konti na lang kasi ang gentleman ngayon, baka maagawan pa ko ng seat). The bus is new, seats are comfortable and the aircon is cool.

One thing I noticed though, nobody seems to say "Thank you" when they get off the bus. The TV station gave you a free ride, saved you a few bucks, the driver made sure you reached your destination safely, but you couldn;t even utter the words THANK YOU?

Before I got off the bus, I said Thank You. Thank you to the Bus Driver, the Conductor and to God for the FREE RIDE. Sa uulitin! :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Bad Monday

I am in no mood right now. I easily get irritated with people's remarks and not to mention their disturbances. I just wanted to concentrate on work right now so when it's time to leave, my replacement won't have a hard time adapting to the job.

I wanted change so badly. Change in work, appearance, lifestyle, surroundings, the faces I see everyday (except for my family). I am so fed up, I couldn't take it anymore.

The change I am asking for will start with me and will start today. I'll change my attitude, habits, and most importantly my outlook in life. Life is good and something this good should not be wasted.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blogger's New Format

I am totally loving blogger's new format! Whenever I open my dashboard there's always a note that announces blogger's new format. It took a while before I decided to try it out. In case you don't like it you can always go back to the old format. But I don't think you would.

Their new format made blogging so much easier. Before when I upload pictures it automatically uploads on the top of your post so I have to drag it to where I want to position them. This method is very difficult when you are posting a lot of pictures. Now you can just position the cursor to where you want your picture to be added and it will be posted there. Plus when you click the photo, there are options like what size (S, M, L, XL and original) you want your photos to appear and how you want them positioned (left, center, right). There's even a location tab on the right side in case you want to add where you are or where your post happened (Not sure 'coz I haven't tried them).

I am so happy with this! Looks like I'm going to blog more... :)

Sweet Story

My sister commented on my facebook page why they don't have a solo pic on the layout I recently made. I told her I would make her her own layout using the same Sweet Story Telling Kit from Sahlin Studio.

So here it is...

A beautiful ordinary day

I was itching to create a new layout from the freebie kit I snagged from Sahlin Studio's Facebook Page and the template I downloaded from a digiscrap website (I could not remember where exactly *LOL).

So here it is....

Photos taken from Mc Donald's DLSU Taft

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What an unlucky day!

I know that my year (year of the dog) is unlucky this year, but I didn't think bad luck will happen the day after Chinese New Year!

What happened?

It's the first day of work after the Chinese New Year. I go about my daily routine in preparation for work. I left home at around 5:55 AM, and was able to ride a jeepney when I got out of the house (there was a lot of unfortunate ones who didn't get on the jeepney). I decided to ride the bus instead of a jeep going to Guadalupe. Since it's a Monday, I expect that there will be an MMDA personnel guarding the No Loading/Unloading Zone where I usually ride the bus going to Ortigas (Pasaway din kasi ako). To my surprise, I was right. So I guess my day didn't start so unlucky at all.


Here are the list of the unfortunate events this morning...

1. I hate suspense, freaky, disgusting movie where they "kill people for dinner" in the morning. Made me lose my appetite.

2. The jeep I was in going to Pasig has one more space to be filled. A big old lady occupied it. The space was limited, and when she was trying to fit in, my hand sanitizer got caught in between her hip and my thigh, and it snapped! My sani is made from plastic unlike the normal rubber.

3. Most of the jeepneys going to Marikina uses a string that you need to pull which would give signal to the driver that you are getting off. I pulled the string but the driver didn't stop. I had to yell at him before he stopped. He dropped me off 15 meters away. Grrrgghhh!!!

4. Since I was already running late, I had to walk at a fast pace. I made a short cut at the front of the parking area where my shoe got caught on a rock. It bore a whole on my shoe and not to mention the pain it caused my foot. I even thought it was bleeding. Thankfully it was just a scratch but it's still painful!

5. Last and hopefully it will really be the last, I was a minute late from our grace period!

Every unfortunate event would have been bearable if only I made it on time. I was kinda scared actually, because all these happened this morning and I still have a long day ahead of me....